© 2012 Noble Care Personal Health Management Made with MAGIX Advocacy - Education - Support Coordination of Care Between Clients, Doctors, Facilities and Home Services         (910) 685-6515 Noble Care Personal Health Management Are you confused about your health condition?  Need help understanding your disease, medications, and how to care for yourself or a family member? At the doctor’s office, are you tongue tied, or confused about what was said afterward? Are you going into the hospital or rehabilitation facility and need someone you can trust to ensure you get the right medications and services you need both before and after? Providing care for yourself or a loved one with an acute or chronic health condition is   challenging. Individuals and families are faced with navigating a fragmented healthcare system, deciphering insurance coverage, and making important decisions on what and where medical care will be provided, while offering the love and compassion the family member requires.  With NobleCare, clients and families have an advocate to navigate the healthcare system, provide personalized medical education to clients and their families, provide needed communication between medical care providers, coordinate with insurance and community agencies and ensure the home or healthcare environment is conducive to safety, recovery and comfort. Working with a personal healthcare manager ensures that clients receive timely and necessary care and services at the highest quality and in the most personalized setting possible. NobleCare facilitates this expectation by working closely with clients/support systems, healthcare providers, and payors.    Clients Family Support Cost Effectiveness Providers Power of Attorney
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